World Laughter Day Is Always The First Sunday In May!

Come tune up and tune in with the power of laughter and positive energies with like-minded spirits on Sunday 1st May 2022, from 11am until 12noon, hour of Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles New York London South Africa
11am-12noon 2pm-3pm 7pm-8pm 8pm-9pm

All are welcome. What you will experience is safe, sound, and very satisfying.

Join us for World Laughter Day 2020

How to join

Leave your contact information below and we’ll send you reminder emails with login information 1 week, and then again 24 hours and 1 hour beforehand.
Here is the video recording of the 2020 World Laughter:

What Is World Laughter Day?

World Laughter Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about laughter and its many healing benefits, as well as about thousands of community groups around the world – typically known as Laughter Clubs – who regularly practice simple intentional laughter techniques that promote wellness and overall well-being. It is free and open to all.

Everybody knows that laughing feels good, but few realize how valuable these simple tools can be in improving our every day wellness and wellbeing. Laughter cannot heal or solve anything, but it can help to heal and dissolve everything. Come discover a new happiness workout and meet our community!

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laughter wellness supports World Laughter Day
Hug Me supports World Laughter Day

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